Monday, 8 July 2013

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Solution Micellaire

After using the cult favourite Bioderma Sensibio micellar water to remove my makeup for about the last half a year or so, I found my skin becoming drier and drier. Whether it was due to the flying between cities or the bipolar New York City weather, I had to do something to stop my skin from flaking away around midday when the effects of my (multiple) moisturizers would wear off. 

So I was at the Bioderma section at my local Hong Kong drugstore (Mannings), ready to pick up another giant bottle of the glorious pink-lidded make-up remover when saw this lovely blue bottle which is supposedly the same sort of micellar water, just with extra moisturizing properties. I grabbed a 250ml bottle of this (doesn't come in the big 500ml bottles for some reason), hoping it would be equally as effective as the Sensibio, if not better for my parched skin.

Does it work? Yes. It works on my face almost equally as well as the Sensibio and even better because I haven't been getting awful dry patches like I did before. But then again, the lack of dry patches may be down to the fact that I've got my skincare routine perfect now (I like to think this product is somewhat significant but who knows really). However, on the eyes, it isn't as effective as the Sensibio. All my mascaras are waterproof, somehow even waterproof ones just smoosh everywhere after a certain point in the day because of the humidity and my oily eyelids, but that's a whole other issue. The Hydrabio does manage to remove the majority of my eye and face makeup, but it's just certain remaining bits of mascara that tend to be a tad tougher to get off. Other than the slightly trivial and almost irrelevant mascara issue, I am definitely loving this micellar water.

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