Saturday, 6 July 2013

summer nails: lavenders


Essie Lilacism
I've never really been one for pastels until I ventured into the amazing murky-pastel-y-taupe-y-purple-y (it's very hard to describe just click this link) colour that is Nails Inc. Porchester Square. It was when I was obsessed with pale lavender-y colours that I decided to pick this shade up on a whim while I was in Duane Reade. At first, I wasn't too sure about it and just thought I would be adventurous and that it would be nice to have something to spruce my nails up for spring. But now that it's summer, I find myself itching to wear this colour all the time despite the fact that Essie's wear time on my nails is peculiarly short -- I most tragically tend to get chips within days. Application wise, it can get a bit thick as it's quite a dense opaque shade, but the way my nails look when I'm done is always so inexplicably perfect for summer that I can never stop staring at them.

Nicole by OPI Am I Making Myself Claire
Again with the continuing love for lavender pastels, this is like the in-between of Nails Inc Porchester Square and Essie Lilacism. For those days where I want the summery-ness of colour but not quite feeling neutral, this is the perfect shade. The formula doesn't go on as smoothly as I'd like it -- it can get ever so slightly streaky especially when applying the first coat, but with two coats it gets pleasantly opaque. I'm not sure if Nicole by OPI changed their brushes, but the one with this polish isn't as nice as my other Nicole by OPI brushes, it's not rounded and it's a little longer. It may just be a fluke that I happened to get the bottle with a funky-weird, kind of annoying brush but the colour is worth it.

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