Thursday, 15 August 2013

mac frozen violet

Because I am so, so in love the MAC Paint Pots, I ventured to the MAC counter in hopes of finding another colour to add to my collection. This shade, Frozen Violet, struck me immediately as it reminded me a lot of the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Illusoire which was to be my potential next cream shadow purchase because it is such a stunningly beautiful colour. However, having tried Emerveill√©, I decided that the Chanel formula wasn't quite for me, compared to the MAC Paint Pots, it's not as great in terms of longevity. Don't get me wrong, I still love that squishy, mousse like formula and I will definitely continue using Emerveill√©, I just figured this would be a good and less pricey alternative which would also last longer on my infinitely oily eyelids.

I absolutely fell in love with this shade when I first swatched it. It's sort of a taupe-y, eggplant-y purple with a fair amount of sparkle and glitter. Upon first swipe, it can be quite sheer, but it is easily buildable and, like all other cream shadows, serves as a perfect base for other powder eyeshadows. Although I do find this a bit dark to use during the daytime (I tried it once and I'm pretty sure I looked a little crazy whilst walking around running errands, but whatever), it is amazing for the evening. I've recently been using this a lot with one of my favourite NARS duos in Brousse, along with smudgy black gel eyeliner and of course mascara to create that dark smoky look that is sweat and humidity proof for those summer nights out. Depending on what powder eyeshadow you put on top, this cream shadow can be made to look more taupe or purple and the sparkles really manage to show through. This Paint Pot will probably be more well-loved in the winter months where I tend to darken up my daily eye makeup, but for now, it will been a staple in my evening makeup routine.

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