Monday, 19 August 2013

boots botanics facial oil

Certain drugstores in Hong Kong (such as Mannings in IFC) have started to carry some of Boots products and it was on a bit of a whim that I decided to purchase this Boots Botanics Facial Oil. Having mentioned how much I like the Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil and realising how amazing oils are for your skin, I spotted this amongst the shelves and figured it could help out my bizarrely dry skin.

This facial oil is a bit of a mix of a bunch of oils including rosehip, sweet almond, bergamot and lemon peel to name a few, and as part of Boots Botanics' collection, it is 100% organic and was also developed with Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. It has that quintessential spa smell -- the sort of calming, clean, herbal-y scent. Unlike the Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil it isn't quite a dry oil, it can feel a tad oily when you go a little crazy with it, but not greasy like you've covered your face in actual olive or cooking oil. It's also said to be scientifically proven that it locks in moisture for 8 hours, but really who can prove that? Anyway, I've been using this as an added step before my various moisturizers or occasionally even mixing a drop into my moisturizer, and it seems to be giving my skin a lovely boost of hydration without actually making my skin oily, it's just extremely nourishing.

Although this is said to be a facial oil, I've also been rubbing a bit on my perpetually dry cuticles, (I have a bit of an issue with flaky cuticles even though I moisturize my hands and feet like a crazy person -- I swear you will never find me without some sort of hand cream), and this has literally become my miracle cure to stop annoying hangnails from happening and to keep everything pleasantly moisturized. All in all, it's a good facial oil, not the most revolutionary or life-changing -- it does the job, but personally, I think it makes a better cuticle oil.

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