Friday, 29 May 2015

rituals ayurveda

Rituals Cosmetics was first brought to my attention by FleurDeForce, when she gave rave reviews about one of the body creams in particular. When the Rituals store opened up in Soho, I dropped by and was immediately mesmerized by the heavenly smells and surprisingly decent pricing. Since then, I've been a die-hard Rituals fan, and have repurchased multiple items, multiple times. The Ayurveda collection is definitely my favourite, it's heavy on the rose scent, and smells slightly sweet due to the sweet almond oil most of the products in the line tend to contain.

Shanti Chakra - This body oil is a "special mix of natural, soothing oils" which are "nourishing and balancing", I mean who knows if that is true but it is phenomenal. It has Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Rose in it and smells like heaven. The Sweet Almond Oil is supposed to restore your skin's moisture balance, and the Indian Rose is meant to have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. I love slathering myself in this body oil before I go to bed, it's not something I use during the day because it does tend to linger and leave a slippy-oily feeling on the skin. But when you put it on before bed, you wake up feeling silky smooth.

Yogi Flow - The Rituals foaming shower gels are super cool. They have a "unique shower foam technology" where it pops out of the container like a gel but then magically turns foamy once it comes into contact with water - fascinating. Like the Shanti Chakra body oil, it has Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Rose as its key ingredients, and again, smells phenomenal. This shower gel doesn't strip your skin, nor does it linger; it leaves you feeling nice and clean, and smelling like a garden of roses.

Himalaya Wisdom - Another part of the Ayurveda collection from Rituals, this is a salt scrub which contains "holy" basil (? I don't know please don't ask me) and fresh mint. It's meant to be a "detox scrub", but I have no idea if it does any of that. All I know is that it smells super refreshing, and leaves a nice minty cooling feeling that lingers once you've gotten out of the shower - great for the summer heat.

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