Tuesday, 12 May 2015

aurora borealis

I achieved one of my life goals: to see the Northern Lights. The first few nights I went hunting for them and they were definitely there - just shielded by the clouds. On our last night in Iceland, everything magically cleared up, and I was greeted by the Milky Way and dancing waves of lights in the sky. What you see with the naked eye is really nothing like what appears in images, I had to squint a few times before I realised whether or not they were actually there, and then proceeded to jump around ecstatically when the first hints of green showed up in my long-exposure shots. I was out in zero degrees wearing pyjamas, ski-pants and sneakers without socks, and it was so surreal to see that many stars. That last night in Iceland, I fell asleep by the window staring at the utter beauty of nature.

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