Tuesday, 10 September 2013


This candle came into my posession quite randomly -- it was a free gift from a shopping mall. I'd heard about Diptyque being awesome but to be honest, when I first peeled the plastic off the packaging, my nose felt like it was on fire from the overwhelmingingly strong berry fruity slightly nauseating scent. So I put it away in a drawer where I forgot about it for most of the summer.

One day, I decided on a whim, why not whip this out, give it a go and if it stinks I'll put it somewhere far, far away from my room. But I was very pleasantly surprised when this started burning that my room was filled with a sort of amazing warm and wholesome fruity summer smell and I couldn't get enough of it. I'm sad to say I burnt the whole thing up through the last month of my summer but I've happily reused the jar as a holder-of-things and if anyone can't think of what to get me for my birthday or Christmas -- this is it.

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