Monday, 29 July 2013

l'oréal infallible 24 hour eye shadow

I'll be honest, this product isn't exactly one of my most regularly used shadows because for some reason, the plastic presser-thingmabob annoys me and I simply can't be bothered to deal with it. But, every single time I use it, I think to myself "why do I not reach for this more often?"

These shadows (I only have this shade but I have swatched all of them) are so, so incredibly pigmented -- a small, gentle swipe of your finger in the pot is all you need. I have noticed they smell distinctly odd, almost a sort of chemical-y, factory-processed scent, it's quite hard to describe and I can't quite pin it down but it's not overly off-putting that I can't use the product. Side note -- I've also noticed that the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill shadows smell exactly the same to these (I have wasted many hours milling about aimlessly in Sephora), and considering that both brands are run by the same umbrella company, I'm fairly certain they're the same product in different packaging. Anyway, I bought this shade, Iced Latte, with the intentions of it being mainly an inner corner highlight to brighten up my face a bit. However, with much experimentation and mucking around trying to find what combinations of creams and other powder shadows look good together, I've found that this always creates a bizarrely unique result.

This shade looks quite yellow and champagne-y in the pot but when applied, it looks almost slightly silver-y. In the autumn and winter months, I paired this with the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk and more recently with my much-loved MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood. A dab of this with your ring finger in the middle of the eyelid and gently blended out with a fluffy brush over the base shadow leaves your eyes looking almost ethereal, like you've got a pool of glimmering water over your lids. Glimmering water is really the only way I can think of describing it; it's not iridescent and not quite glittery, just unbelievably shimmery and radiant. It seems to last well on my oily eyelids when combined with some sort of base, but I'm doubtful as to whether it really is a '24 hour' eye shadow per se. Anyway, if you already have this shade, give it a go over a darker cream shadow to give it a bit of depth as it seems to just make everything perfectly glow-y.

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